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​Change your mind and the rest will follow with Ahead For Horses. That is true no matter if you compete at 5* or ride just for fun.............

You work on your horse, your physical ability, your training, nutrition, equipment so why not take it to the next level by working on your conscious and unconscious mind to improve performance?

Working through whatever challenges YOU bring to the table, with YOU and for YOU.


Sometimes a rider does everything they believe possible to improve their performance and they still don’t make progress, whether that’s advancing in competition, gaining confidence, achieving higher scores, or creating a better rapport with their horse or human relationships. 

Balancing your riding with the demands of being a parent and/or maintaining a business or job is no easy task. Whilst being a successful young rider in the current climate comes with all kinds of additional situations and pressures to navigate far beyond just the art of riding itself.

Nothing Is Impossible........ Decide what you want to achieve and together we can work on it in and out of the saddle to empower your riding future.

With the right support, you can:

        REDUCE your stress and anxiety

  INCREASE your confidence

IMPROVE your enjoyment

    MAXIMISE your performance


Explore performance coaching and mental skills training to help with Confidence, Focus, Motivation, Emotions, Reactions, Mindfulness, and Resilience are the key to consistent performances.

Qualifications & Memberships

Common Concerns

Dressage Horse


"Understanding what confidence is and how we can 'get it' means we can become more confident in any area of our lives - in or out of the saddle!

Horseback Riding


"Fear comes from the past but lives in the future.

We have the power to re-wire our brains through acceptance and understanding."

Horseback Riding


"Ride the course or the test and not the occasion......

Get the skills to ride in competition just like you do at home. 


"Using mental skills training to prepare for the psychological areas of performance just like we use physical training to prepare for the physical areas of performance. 

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